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Myakka River

Myakka River is home to many of Florida's native wetland wild life. Check out this local's adventures at Myakka River.





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Fort Desoto

Fort Desoto embodies the traditional aspects Florida's natural beauty. Fort Desoto sits at the mouth of the Tampa Bay.

The Fort is rich in its own history making this location an ideal candidate for sub-primitive style campers.

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Oscar Scherer

Oscar Scherer combines Florida's wetlands with a surreal Sudo-Serengerti vibe. The rivers meet with vast openings of brush and sand, enclosed within 8,593 acres of forestland.

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Hillsborough River

Hillsborough River produces an average of 36 million gallons water flow daily. One of Florida's most popular camping destination. Look out for Hillsbourgh River Annual Halloween Trick or Treat Event.

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Alafia River

Alafia River is a adventurers destination, offering all the essential wilderness experiences and then some. Alafia River State Park is known for it's vast changes in elevation, allowing for 17 miles of Biking Trials and 20 miles of Hiking and Equestrians and Mountain Bikers.

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Manatee River

Manatee River allows for the habitation of some 5,100 manatees shared between itself and Northern Sister, Crystal River. A gem of ecology representing 40% out of the Worlds 13,000 total manatee population.


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